Enhanced Thermoforming Precision and Efficiency with DELTA PLC Control

The integration of a DELTA PLC touchscreen control panel in the operation of the thermoforming machine brings an unprecedented level of control and adaptability to the production process. This intelligent control system empowers operators to not only execute the thermoforming process automatically but also to fine-tune its speed in real time. Moreover, the capability to define precise cycle times for each stage of forming without relying on temperature sensors is a game-changer. It ensures the repeatability of inserts, making the machine a reliable choice for high-volume production, all while simplifying the setup and maintenance by reducing the dependency on temperature monitoring equipment. This level of automation and control not only optimizes production efficiency but also enhances the consistency and quality of the formed products, ultimately benefiting manufacturers and end-users alike.

Simplified Thermoforming with Advanced Machinery Features

The simplicity of operation, marked by merely loading the material, closing the frame, and hitting the START button, underscores the user-friendly design of this thermoforming machine. The impressive 16 m³ vacuum pump ensures strong and consistent suction for the forming process, while the use of infrared heaters, particularly in the upper furnace, provides precise and efficient heating to the material. The integration of SSR semiconductor relays for heating control enhances accuracy and reliability. The machine's moving components, powered by Pneumat pneumatic actuators on Hiwin linear guides, offer smooth and precise motion control. Furthermore, Pneumax solenoid valves for vacuum and compressed air dosing ensure that these critical processes are finely tuned. Altogether, this thermoforming machine streamlines production, enhances quality, and optimizes resource usage, making it a valuable asset for manufacturers across various industries.

Model Options   Price
 Vacuum thermoforming machine 600*410   £***
Vacuum thermoforming machine  800*600  £*** 
Vacuum thermoforming machine  1000*1000  £*** 

Note: The price mentioned is exclusive of VAT

Lease Purchase

Model Total Price Monthly Weekly Daily
FL2 1325 1kw Max £32,000 £720 £166.00 £24

Delivery and Installation

We provide free of charge delivery of the FL2 machine. On the Client side you will need forklift 3t-5t with 1600-2400mm forks (dependable on model) to unload and position in workshop. After delivery our friendly and patient engineers will visit your workshop to finalise installation, commission and provide training.  

Don't worry if on first day you may not be very fluent with all operations (most operators cut on their machines in about 1h). We will provide you with our Whatsapp number where engineers will help if stuck or doubt.