The Fabertec M1 CNC Router is a modern piece of equipment for precise material processing.

The Fabertec M1 CNC Router is an advanced and cutting-edge machine designed specifically for precision machining of various materials, including wood, chipboard, MDF, OSB, plastics, Plexiglas, PVC, HPL, composites (such as Corian, Hi-Macs, Betacryl), dibond, carbon, alucobond, and more. It is a versatile tool suitable for professionals in various industries, such as joiners, fabricators, sign makers, and van conversion specialists.

One of the notable features of the M1 CNC Router is its construction using thick mild steel sections, which provides exceptional rigidity and resistance to vibrations. This ensures the machine’s durability and longevity while maintaining high precision. 

The M1 CNC Router is equipped with a user-friendly interface that incorporates advanced features.

It features an intuitive controller that simplifies operation for the users. With the inclusion of servo motors and a powerful 6kW air-cooled spindle, the machine delivers reliable performance and consistent results. These engineering solutions, along with other cutting-edge technologies, make the M1 CNC Router suitable for semi-professional users.

One of the key advantages of the M1 CNC Router is its ability to work in full 3D, allowing users to perform complete machining operations in three axes. This means it can handle complex tasks like thread cutting and carving with ease. The machine also comes with a modern CAD/CAM program specifically designed for milling and plotting. The accompanying software offers a range of useful functions, including auto nesting for optimal material usage, automatic correction of the cutter diameter, slope entry into the material, defining bridges for stability, automated cutting of internal shapes, 3D routing tool path visualization, and more.

Affordable prices to allow you to speed up your workshop processes.

Fabertec M1 1325 1300 x 2500 £14,950 +VAT
Fabertec M1 1530 1500 x 3000 £16,950 +VAT
Fabertec M1 2030 2000 x 3000 £18,950 +VAT
Fabertec M1 1325 ATC 8 Tools Changer 1300 x 2500 £18,950 +VAT
Fabertec M1 1530 ATC 8 Tools Changer 1500 x 3000 £20,950 +VAT
Fabertec M1 2030 ATC 8 Tools Changer 2070 x 3080 £22,950 +VAT


ATC (automatic tool charger) Extra 300mm cnc length 8 tools ISO30 available £4,000 +VAT
Vacuum Pump 11kW KVE360 Recommened for 1530/2030 and for cutting smaller elements £3,500 +VAT


Lease Purchase

 M1 1325   £14,950  £336 £77  £11


Our M1 1325 and 1530 machines come with free delivery, installation, and training by our UK-based engineers at the client's location.

Model 2030 due to machine size can only be delivered by Hiab lorry which will incur extra charge dependable on mileage.

  • Up to 30 miles free hiab delivery
  • Up to 50 miles £150
  • Up to 100 miles £485
  • Up to 150 miles £600
  • Up to 200 miles £1000
  • Any distance exceeding 200 miles will have a separate price.

The client needs a forklift on site to unload and position in workshop.

  • M1 1325 - Min 3ton with 1600mm long forks.
  • M1 1530 3.5ton with 1800mm forks.
  • M1 2030 4ton with 2200mm long forks.


  • 24 Months on-site parts and labour warranty included
  • Option to extend to 3 years for £2,200 + VAT (M1 1325 model) and mandatory annual service inspection. 
  • Maintenance after 12 months required for a second-year warranty at £600 + travel time (£80/h) + Fuel surcharge (£0.90/m)
  • 12 Months warranty for Vacuum Pump.

What is Included in the Package?

Fabertec delivers complimentary installation and training services across the UK, conducted by our experienced UK-based engineers. Also, our comprehensive package includes VCarve Pro, a vacuum pump with all necessary collets, chucks, tools and spares. Additionally, we offer a free dust extractor for M1 & M2 Models (optional  for M0 models), ensuring you have everything you need for a seamless experience.

 CNC Router Running Costs

When calculating your return on investment we need to look at all costs associated with your new CNC cutting department in the company. Every business is different and the approach should be focused exactly on your needs. That’s why please do not hesitate to contact us as we helped hundreds of businesses already even to the point of creating layouts and most lean solutions in manufacturing. We are here to help.

Electricity Cost £6.6/h
Labour Cost £15/h
Maintenance Cost £0.52/h
Air Compressor Cost  £1.5/h
Consumables Costs £2/h


Overall Hourly Costs

£25.62 roughly is the cost per hour and £204.00 per 8-hour shift.

  • Electricity Costs

Running M1 and M2 models when it comes to electricity will be very similar. We will assume a more powerful vacuum pump KVE360 11kW as this will be the case with 1530 and 2030 models. The 1325 model running on a 7.5kW vacuum pump will be a bit lower in power usage. Typical per hour kW usage – 22kW. Assuming approx. £0.30 per kW it will cost £6.6 per hour just to run the machine. Of course between boards, You will switch off almost all motors but let's aim for the worst-case scenario.

  • Labour Costs

Operator costs of course vary but our machines are built with simplicity in mind so even a 16-year-old apprentice can run programs after 30-60 minutes of training again let's allow for someone with more experience let’s say £30k per year, so around £15.00 per hour.

  • Maintenance Costs

Now maintenance again can vary dependably if you will just go for one obligatory to keep the next year's warranty or go for a maintenance program. Let’s assume Just one maintenance visit per year which is approx. £1000.00 dependable on mileage. Allowing for 1920 hours in a year in 8-hour shifts as you can see this cost will be minimal at just £0.52p per hour.

  • Air Compressor Costs

Being thorough we cannot forget on cost of the air compressor needed to run aside of CNC machine which will also cost us electricity. Probably you will have larger kW to run other Machines in the workshop but we can allow approx 5kW which is simply calculated as needed to create approx 16-20CFM which CNC needs to run which will cost us approximately £1.5 in electricity.


  • Consumables Costs

Consumables may quote a spread cost depending on the type of boards you will be cutting, whether you are investing in costly cutting tools or just using cheaper Carbide and replacing them without sharpening. Let's assume you cutting typical mfc/mdf 18mm boards. Using cheap carbine cutter, they cost in the range of £7-10 per bit and they allow for quite good cuts on 30-40 boards. Then you need to replace them. In a typical working day, you can cut 30 boards if the operator is just taking care of CNC not drawing and designing toolpaths. So if we assume other items like collets, chucks, and cutters break sometimes - during the year we can conclude that approx £2.00 per hour allowance for cutting consumables should be sufficient. If you will be using expensive cutters for £200-300 then of course above will be much higher and keep in mind that 10-20x more expensive cutters will not cut 10-20x more boards. But those high-end cutters may be needed for some types of boards or keeping edge quality for longer.

  • Overall Hourly Cost

Of course, we cannot here account for all overheads like workshops, light, heat, office, drafts person, loading/unloading boards, storage, forklift fuel, and many more which we should also, keep in mind if we want to be 100% accurate but that will vary between companies greatly so let’s put that aside. Summarising £25.62 roughly is the cost per hour and £204.00 per 8-hour shift – of course assuming the machine is running which is not the case per whole hour.

  • Revenue Generation

If you investing in CNC machines to provide cutting services in the industry you are charged roughly £40.00 - £200.00 per board depending on the complexity of the cutting/routing/grooving. The lower Bracket of £40.00 is of course for simple cutouts of elements for carcasses/boxes/table tops etc. This operation shouldn’t take more than 7-10 minutes.

Some of the important features of the M1 CNC Centre Router

Quick and efficient work by holding your work piece/board in place by vacuum suction. No need to clamp boards in place saving a lot of operator time. The vacuum pumps supplied by us are always air cooled. ​The cheapest ones are water cooled and operator has to remember to keep the tank full, use antifreezers in winter, make sure no liquid is left in system during winter if antifreeze not used.
Servo motors are best motors available for the CNC (and other) machines. ​A great number of CNC machines are supplied only with stepper or hybrid servo motors. The main difference between SERVOs and other motors is that they have a feedback loop to driver. It means that driver always knows the “position” of the servo motor, if it missed any routing step, if there is too much tension on the motor etc. ​That allows driver to counteract or inform of any challenges during the processing.
ALWAYS AIR COOLED (Except if very high kW used by Italian HSD) HQD PRODUCTS ARE BASED ON FAMOUS ITALIAN MANUFACTURER HSD One of the best spindles used around the world. Very efficient, quiet and what most important very affordable.
The lubrication oil for all guides/runners is located in automatic pump tank. After a set amount of minutes it will lubricate all guides and runners. By working with machines with manual lubrication we know it was a huge waste of time ​of the operator hence this option was added ​as standard.
Very intuitive, simple to learn controller. Literally 2 hours training and you can start nesting/drilling/engraving etc – easy as it goes. More physical buttons available than in G2 model which will allow you to quickly ​access operations.
They will slow down and then shut down SERVOS close to the end of the axis. Situations happen when operator is moving the gantry too quick by controller and of course machine will follow the instruction. Without those sensors the gantry will hit end buffers and stop with the errors which create a strain on the structure, motors, guide. SENSORS allows machine to KNOW that it is at the end of axis and will shut down MOTORS preventing damage. This is almost not present in cheaper, budget machines from suppliers who never go to Chinese Factory to supervise production, add improvements and sign off shipments.
Designed for 3000kg of dynamic load on gantry – the whole CNC weights 1700kg where gantry 550kg so do not worry about any vibrations, movements or loss of squareness on your cnc.
Pneumatically operated bars and the 2 ends of the table to quickly ​lay down the boards exactly at the X=0 Y=0 position. Never again worry about misaligned board down the table. Also very important feature to have if you planning to do double sided operations where your datum point has to be dead on correct.
You never know what you will use your cnc for. That's why as a standard we are welding our gantry to allow you 300mm of processing space. That means in simple terms that using long cutting tools you can do your tenons and cut throughs in even 120-130mm thick materials. Thick timber, glulam beams, glued boxes, thick oak tables and others will be walk in the park on our M1 machines.
Taken from our more professional machines. Over 800kg more weight compared to the entry M0 model. Much more stable, less vibrations, allows for positioning bolts. All fully welded with 6mm continuous weld, fully destressed in industrial ovens ready to milled for 0.01mm accuracy. All fixing surfaces are milled by 100ton huge industrial CNC machines to make sure every fixing surface is perfectly aligned, square and true.
With every FABERTEC M1 machine you getting our 5 star warranty service. For small issues a quick phonecall or whatsapp message where we solving 99% of problems in no time. For more problematic situations our team of UK based engineers is just 24-72h away from you with whole 2000sqf unit of spare parts just waiting for situation like that. We believe in stocking every possible part just in case repair is needed. 98% of those parts sadly gathering dust for 4-5 years as our FABERTEC machines simply don't break that easily. Still we are here for you to keep your operations running with minimal downtime.
We all know it's difficult to invest at the beginning in all equipment needed when you opening a new workshop or even upgrading existing to your new CNC operations. That's why with every M1 and M2 CNC we supply you with powerful double bag dust extractor to get you running from day one. It may not be fully packed £8k expensive one but it will do it's job and what most important - IT'S FREE.
All of our M1 machines are upgradable to ATC - Automatic Tool Changer. Multiple tools available at any given moment will make your work a walk in the park. Even if it may cost a little bit more from single tool version the amount of time you will save by using multiple tools on one board will pay off in literally few months. As always we supply all the chucks, collets the machine is designed for as free of charge.
The famous CAD/CAM Vcarve Pro software supplied free of charge with every M1 machine. This software (based in Milton Keynes) will allow you to do all standard joinery, signage, prototyping, 3D carving etc operations in no time. As it's designed with fabricators in mind the wording and typical approach to all tasks is really easy to comprehend. We never had operators who couldn't do simple operations after just 1-3h of training. Also there is a ton of instructions and videos to get you into cnc designing and cutting.

Technical specification

  • Working Surface: 1300mm x 2500mm (1560×3080 and 2060×3080 available)
  • Max Working Height: Axis Z 300mm
  • Motors: Full Servo Motors with Feedback Loop
  • Runners: HIWIN 25 Heavy Duty (designed for 3ton kinetic load)
  • Speed: 40 meters / minute
  • Software Resolution: 0,01mm
  • Positioning Accuracy: Physical 0,05mm
  • Spindle: 6kW HQD Air Cooled
  • Spindle RPM: Up to 24000rpm
  • Spindle tool diameter: ER32 1-21mm diameter
  • Router Bed: Always as standard vacuum bed with T-slots for clamping
  • Vacuum Pump: 7.5kW Air Cooled
  • Software: Vcarve Pro included
  • Weight: 1.7ton (1530 – 2.2t, 2030 – 2.7t)
  • Power Supply Needed: 415v 3 Phase 32amp
  •  Positioning Bolts in the Table: Yes as standard