1325 / 1530 / 2030 / 2040


The FABERTEC FL2 is an entry-level fiber laser cutter designed specifically for smaller metalwork workshops aiming to enhance their operations and reduce subcontracting costs. With a laser power starting from 1kW up to 6kW, this machine is capable of cutting mild steel with thicknesses ranging from 0.1mm to 25mm. One of the key advantages of the FABERTEC FL2 cnc fibre laser is its affordability, making it an ideal choice for workshops and fabricators with budget constraints. By investing in this model, smaller businesses can improve their cutting capabilities while saving costs associated with outsourcing to subcontractors.

The machine is available in four standard table sizes: 1300 x 2500mm, 1500 x 3000mm, 2000 x 3000mm, and 2000 x 4000mm. Those table sizes provide flexibility to accommodate various project requirements. Additionally, bespoke table sizes can be customized to meet specific needs upon request, ensuring a perfect fit for any workspace. All FABERTEC fiber laser cutters are equipped with high-speed and powerful servo motors. These motors enable the machine to achieve impressive cutting speeds of up to 60 meters per minute. This feature significantly contributes to efficient cutting operations, allowing for faster production and improved productivity shifts.


Our main focus was on allowing almost anyone to start to use machine safely in matter of minutes. The CAD/CAM software installed with every FL2 is capable of drawing your own shapes and cutting from the same level. The program can be easily learned and operated, enabling operators to quickly cut metal sheets just after 30-60min of training. 

At FABERTEC, we prioritize user-friendliness in our machine design, ensuring that even apprentices in the workshop can operate our machines with minimal training. This capability not only saves on employee costs but also enables workshops to start CNC cutting immediately upon receiving the machine without hiring an experienced and in most cases costly new operator.


  • 1) Please be aware that it is a Class 4 Laser product, so you need to position open bed fiber laser machine in an enclosed area where no one except the operator can be exposed to the laser light. Operators need to wear protective glasses at all times (supplied).
  • 2) Single phase (230v) up to 2kw laser source.


In all fiber laser cutting machines the one of the most important parts which allows for smooth and accurate cuts is laser source. At FABERTEC we offer German made IPG source or more affordable MAX source. If your workshop is cutting mostly aluminium/stainless steel then wise choice is to go for IPG as it has longer established "back light protection" to prevent burning laser source diodes internally when for example operator will not pierce materials well. But if you would like to go more affordable route and cut mostly mild steel then MAX source is also a very good choice. Both comes with warranty and our UK based engineers and support.


For over 20-30 years since mass produced fiber lasers appeared in metal fabricators workshops the entry price for those machines was insanely high as it happens with all new technologies. Just 10 years ago the 1kW entry model from TRUMPF, AMADA or BYSTRONIC would set you back £200-300k. As the technology moved forward and lots of firms started to invest in fiber source manufacturing facilities the cost of parts starts to drop quite significantly even to a point where metal fabricator can start with rapid metal cutting FABERTEC FL2 1kW for only £32k+VAT.

As we are also fabricators we don't have time for long quotations, endless emails and small prints in pricing. We always will advertise clearly all of our prices without any hidden costs. What you see is what you pay - no extras for software, consumables, delivery, commissioning, training and ongoing support. 


Affordable prices to allow you to speed up your workshop processes.

max laser  1kw  2kw  3kw  4kw  6kw
FABERTEC FL2 1325  £32,000  £36,000  £42,000  £50,000  £58,000
FABERTEC FL2 1530  £36,000  £40,000  £46,000  £54,000  £62,000
FABERTEC FL2 2030  £40,000  £44,000  £50,000  £58,000  £66,000
FABERTEC FL2 2040  £46,000  £50,000  £56,000  £64,000  £70,000
ipg laser  1kw  2kw  3kw  4kw  6kw
FABERTEC FL2 1325 £40,000 £45,000 £50,000 £68,000 £84,000
FABERTEC FL2 1530 £44,000 £49,000 £54,000 £72,000 £88,000
FABERTEC FL2 2030 £52,000 £57,000 £62,000 £80,000 £96,000
FABERTEC FL2 2040 £56,000 £61,000 £66,000 £84,000 £100,000

Lease Purchase

 FL2 1325 1kW Max Source   £32,000  £720 £166  £24
 FL2 1530 1kW IPG Laser  £44,000  £990  £229    £33


We provide free of charge delivery of the FL2 machine. On the Client side you will need forklift 3t-5t with 1600-2400mm forks (dependable on model) to unload and position in workshop. After delivery our friendly and patient engineers will visit your workshop to finalise installation, commission and provide training.  

Don't worry if on first day you may not be very fluent with all operations (most operators cut on their machines in about 1h). We will provide you with our WhatsApp number where engineers will help if stuck or doubt. 


  • 24 Months on-site parts and labour warranty included.
  • Option to extend up to 5 years.
  • Obligatory maintenance visits every 6 months to keep your machine in top condition £600 + travel time (£80/h).

What is Included in the Package?

Fully assembled machine ready for work from our UK based workshops, all consumables like nozzles, lenses. Laser source and matching chillers. Demineralised water to fill your chiller on installation day. Lifetime software to draw and operate machine. Delivery on curtain side lorry. Installation and training. What's app support to help operators with any issues. 


Features of Laser Head BM06k 1kW to 6kW Power

  • The cooling structure, for both the collimation module and focus module, and cooling to the nozzle effectively protects the nozzle & ceramic part and extends the lifespan.
  • 4 cover glass designed to effectively decrease contamination risk during the replacement of fiber & cover glass and extend the lifespan of collimation and focus lenses.
  • Autofocus by moving the collimation lens to achieve higher speed and a bigger auto-focus range.
  • Monitoring the temperature of the bottom cover glass could be accessed by a mobile APP or computer desktop in real-time. Alarm output for overheating to protect the optical path system effectively.
  • Improved autofocus motor for rapid focus length change.
  • The body of the laser head is designed in such a way to maximize the coolant liquid flow to prevent damage to collimating and focusing modules and ceramic nozzle.
  • By adding 4 protective lenses the Raytools BM06K laser head minimizes the risk of contaminating crucial and expensive to replace components.
  • Integrated temperature sensors close to the lower protective lenses monitor the optimal condition for efficient cutting.
  • Improved design of the fiber interface ( QBH, QD, G5) provides a tight, sealed connection preventing dust ingress.
  • Integrated design to ensure sealing.Improved fiber interface (QBH, QD, G5) to benefit their compatibility with lasers and prevent them from being stuck for leaks and rusts.

oFeatures of Laser Head BLT 421 1kW to 8kW Power

Fiber Laser FL2 Dimensions

Some of the important features of the Fabertec FL2 Fiber Laser

By using branded servo motors from Fuji or Yaskawa our fiber lasers can achieve speeds of up to 80m/min.

We don’t settle for anything less than top fiber laser source supplier – IPG

All of our FL2 machines have integrated controller and laser head which can be upgraded in no time from 1kW – 6kW. Thicker sheets in a year time? Just invest in more.

We stock all parts needed to get you up and running in no time. Also we stock rentals laser sources in case yours need to be send to warranty repair.

For rapid movements and direction changes. The lighter the gantry the quicker your fiber laser will work. Also less stress on structural rails and guides.
The FL2 features a smart compact electrical cabinet, even for the smallest of workshops, the wheels provide easy movability.
The FL2 offers a large screen display, not only does it look the part this comes in handy when nesting parts & Drawing.
With this style laser bed it reduces the time of looking for cut parts that have dropped down into the scrap bins below as it catches even the smallest of parts.
The FL2 has a 3 way solenoid valve to ensure smooth and fast gas changes.
The FL2 features its own cad/cam package this allows you to draw and nest parts without flicking through different software’s!
They will slow down and then shut down SERVOS close to the end of the axis. Situations happen when operator is moving the gantry too quick by controller and of course machine will follow the instruction. Without those sensors the gantry will hit end buffers and stop with the errors which create a strain on the structure, motors, guide. SENSORS allows machine to KNOW that it is at the end of axis and will shut down MOTORS preventing damage. This is almost not present in cheaper, budget machines from suppliers who never go to Chinese Factory to supervise production, add improvements and sign off shipments.
The accuracy of the FL2 is unbelievable this is what you would expect from a fiber laser the linear bearings and moving mechanical parts of this machine play a huge part in this!!
It's Always handy to be able to operate the machine remotely the FL2 offers this as standard
The FL2 has a great loading facility at the front of the machine, the steel ball bearings allow for heavy sheets of material to be loaded with ease.  
The E-chains on the Fabertec lasers are a very good quality as standard this is to ensure that the cables/pipes are secure when the machine is moving at high speeds.
The scrap trays on the FL2 are perfect for easy access and emptying, they slide with ease even when they are full and at there heaviest.

Technical specification

  • Max/Raycus or German IPG laser source – advertised manufacturers fiber laser lifespan up to 100,000 hours – equivalent of 10h daily cutting for 27 years!
  • Structure fully welded and heat destressed
  • Full servo motors Fuji or Yaskawa installed
  • Speeds up to 80 meters per minute
  • Aluminium reinforced gantry for higher speeds
  • Hiwin runners with automatic lubrication
  • Digital touch height control – laser head follows sheet height on the table (DTHC)
  • Automatic height adjustment – laser heads follows sheet height on the table
  • Automatic calibration – the controller automatically checks the laser settings
  • Large monitor with Cypcut software
  • Handheld wireless control panel
  • Draw, adjust, import DXF/PDF, create lead in/out – all straight from the machine
  • Two separate inlets for oxygen/nitrogen controlled by electric valves
  • Automatic focus of laser head from software
  • Supplied with array of nozzles, protective lenses, spares
  • Runners and linear gear protection against ​laser and sparks possible damage
  • Drawers underneath the table for offcuts/parts
  • Supplied with powerful chiller also with the heating option – in case workshop temperature goes below 0 to prevent damage from water freezing
  • Optional dust extractors with fire protection to keep the warehouse free from metal dust
  • Single phase (230v) up to 2kw laser source