Unleash Your Creative Potential with Our Thermoforming Vacuum Presses

Our exceptional TVG3000 vacuum membrane press specially designed for thermoforming solid materials such as CORIAN, HI-MACS, STARON, KERROCK, BETACRYL, HANEX, KYDEX, KRION, FORMICA, AE CORE, AVONITE, PLEXI, PU, and many others. This advanced press opens up endless possibilities for transforming these materials into virtually any desired shape through a precise and efficient heat treatment process.

The TVG3000 stands out as a top-of-the-line solution for professionals in industries like interior design, furniture manufacturing, automotive, and more. One of the key highlights of the TVG3000 is its ability to work with a wide range of solid materials. Whether you’re working with CORIAN, HI-MACS, STARON, or any other compatible material, our press provides the ideal environment for achieving outstanding results. Through the application of controlled heat treatment, these materials can be molded into complex shapes, opening up a world of design possibilities

Our vacuum membrane press utilizes advanced technology to ensure precision and consistency in the thermoforming process.

The combination of heat and vacuum forces the material to conform to the desired shape with remarkable accuracy, ensuring seamless and high-quality finished products. From curved surfaces to intricate designs, the TVG3000 delivers exceptional results every time.

Additionally, our vacuum membrane press is designed with user convenience in mind. It features intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, allowing operators to easily set and monitor the temperature, pressure, and other essential parameters. This ensures that the thermoforming process is efficient, controlled, and tailored to meet specific project requirements.

With the TVG3000, you can elevate your production capabilities, create stunning designs, and deliver exceptional products to your clients. Experience the power of advanced thermoforming technology and unlock limitless design possibilities with our reliable and versatile vacuum membrane press.

Affordable prices to allow you to speed up your workshop processes.

product  bed size  price
TVG1500  1350 x 1150mm £13,500
 TVG2000  2000 x 1150mm £15,800
  TVG3000  2850 x 1150mm £18,500
 TVG2600 Special  2850 x 1350mm £23,500


 product option  price
LED Lamp in dome £200
Spare set of 12NO IR Bulbs £720
Temperature controller REX for IR £120
Countdown timer ESCO £85
Vacuum Pump Becker VT 4.255 £1,650
Vanes for vacuum pump set £360
Dome fan £85
Thermostat sensor wire £120
Strut hinges 4NO £220
Becker pump air filter £150
Heating connected to timer to shut down after required curing time £150
3mm Silicone membrane surcharge standard installed 2mm thick £640
2mm replacement silicone membrane per M2 solid in 1300 and 1500mm widths £265
Extra dome for TVG3000 with heating £1,300
Extra dome with heaters for TVGSPECIAL  £1,800


Lease Purchase

model total price monthly weekly daily
TVG 1500 £13,500 £303 £70 £10




What All Included In The Package

The press is available in few standard sizes:


  • VACUUM BED 1350 x 1150mm
  • DOUBLE SIDED OVEN 1000 x 1000mm


  • VACUUM BED 2850 x 1150mm
  • DOUBLE SIDED OVEN 2000 x 1000mm


  • VACUUM BED 2850 x 1350mm or 2850 x 1550
  • DOUBLE SIDED OVEN 2000 x 1000mm

All presses can come with a top heated dome if the press will beused for veneering – greatly speeds up the adhesive drying time.

The TVG press combines two independent appliances: a pre-heating oven and membrane press, which enhance the capabilities of the machine. By applying an additional upper heating dome, the press
has become more universal for wrapping with natural veneer and hot bending.

  • 2D 3D vacuum thermoforming of solid surface
  • Production of sinks, washbasins, baths, windowsills, etc.

Therforming 2D

  • Wrapping simple and shaped elements with natural veneer (doors, frames, chairs, tables, furniture, coffins)
  • Covering elements with 2D HPL decorative laminates (kitchen worktops, window sills)
  • Pressing of gradual surfaces (natural stone veneer, decorative claddings)
  • Producing elements by applying the ‘sandwich’ method (columns, semicircles, flat surfaces)
  • Covering the car dashboards and other interior car surfaces with leather (dashboard, gear-shift lever, etc.)


  • Robust welded design with removable legs, powder-painted
  • Equipped with the ‘festo’ vacuum control system allows us to use the automatic operating mode
  • Electronic control system of the upper heating dome along with a PID controlling device allow you to heat the press up to 80 degrees celcius
  • Pre-heating oven made of anodised aluminium, two-side powered regardless of the temperature – 200 degrees C
  • Integrated high-tensile silicone membrane (800%)
  • Built-in maintenance-free dry vacuum pump (BECKER 40m3) -0,85 _-0,9 bar (9000) kg/m2
  • Built-in buffer tank with 100-litre capacity
  • Upper heating dome made of aluminium insulated with mineral wool
  • The pre-heating oven is opened by means of a pneumatic actuator

Features of the Vacuum Presses For Therforming

Technical Specification 

  • Silicon membrane max temperature: 220
  • Heating capacity of the pre-heating oven: 4kW per m2
  • Heating capacity of the upper dome: 2-5kW
  • Pump power: 1,5 kW
  • Vacuum pump output: 25-40m3/h
  • Operating vacuum: -0,85_0,90 kg/cm2 (bar)
  • Protection code: IP53
  • Noise level: <70 Db
  • Voltage: 3P 400 50Hz
  • Outer dimensions: 3100x1350mm / 1600x1350mm / 3000x1650mm
  • Weight: 850kg or 400kg