Unleashing Creativity through Impeccable Cutting and Engraving

With Fabertec cutting-edge machines, you can achieve unparalleled precision, intricate designs, and flawless finishes. Whether you’re an artist, a designer, or an enthusiast, our laser cutters and engravers empower you to explore new dimensions of creativity. Step into a realm where imagination takes shape and discover the endless possibilities of laser cutting and engraving. Our CO2 lasers feature different wattage options, ranging from 40 watts to 150 watts, allowing you to choose the ideal power level based on the material you intend to work with. In our L1 range, we primarily offer 100-watt lasers (6040 & 6090) that deliver exceptional laser output for efficient processing. It’s important to note that the capabilities of our machines are not solely determined by their maximum wattage. For instance, when working with acrylic, the maximum thickness achievable using an 80-watt laser is approximately 19.81mm, with the laser head operating at the slowest possible speed.

Fabertec L1 CO2 Lasers Comes In 3 Standard Bed Sizes:

  • L1 6040 – 400 x 600mm
  • L1 6090 – 900 x 600mm
  • L1 1390 – 1300 x 900mm

Efficient cutting on CO2 lasers necessitates strategic power usage.

Running the laser at maximum power constantly can significantly reduce the lifespan of the tube, possibly diminishing it from the advertised 8,000-10,000 hours to just around 1,000 hours. To achieve both extended tube life and superior edge finishes, we recommend opting for a 100-watt or even a 130-watt tube when cutting 19mm acrylic. These higher wattage options allow for quicker laser movements, resulting in improved cutting quality.

At Fabertec, we prioritize user-friendliness, and our L1 and L2 CO2 lasers are no exception. With minimal training required, an operator can become proficient in operating the machine within just one hour after delivery and installation. Once the PC is connected to the L1 or L2 laser through USB, the software is ready for immediate use with the laser cutter.

When it comes to laser cutting, the two primary parameters to consider are the percentage power of the laser and the speed of the laser head above the material. Our intuitive software interface makes it easy to familiarize yourself with these settings, enabling you to start achieving accurate cuts or engravings within 30-60 minutes of testing various materials of different thicknesses.

Affordable prices to allow you to speed up your workshop processes.

L1 6040 100Watt RECI 400 x 600   £4,500 +VAT 
L1 6090 100Watt RECI 600 x 900 £5,450 +VAT
L1 1390 150 Watt RECI 1300 x 900 £6,600 +VAT
Options Price
Passive Carbon Filter 97% Filtration  £499


Lease Purchase

L1 4060 100WATT RECI £4,500 £211 £48 £7





What All Included In The Package

Some of the important features of the L1 CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraver

Technical specification upgraded L1 CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraver

  • Working Surface 1300mm x 900mm, 600mm x 900mm, 400mm x 600mm
  • Max Working Height: Axis Z L11390 – 350 mm, L160 – 300mm, L1 6040 – 200mm (Table Up&Down)
  • Motors: Stepper Motors X, Y, 2xStepper on Ball screw Axis Z
  • Linear Bearings: Trapezoidal Tracks,10mm
  • Speed: 10 m/min – Approx 400mm/s max
  • Software Resolution: 0,01mm
  • Weight: 400 kg/ 300kg / 250k
  • External Dimensions: L1 1390 – 1850 width x 1450 depth x 1020 height
  • Power Supply: Single phase 230v 50Hz
  • 150watt reci tube w6
  • Laser output display
  • Ruida controller (most known brand around the world)
  • Auto height sensor
  • Small compressor
  • Extractor for fumes with flue
  • Chiller 5200 included