Fabertec – for joiners and metal fabricators from people who were in your shoes.

Welcome to Fabertec Group UK, a premier manufacturer of advanced CNC machines. Our cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship make us a top industry brand.

At Fabertec, we’re proud of our founder, Charles, who, with experience as a joiner, fabricator, and contractor, intimately understands our clients’ needs. His firsthand experience has shaped our machines to meet their requirements.

Affordable Pricing Without Compromise

Our commitment to user-friendliness sets us apart from the competition. We believe that operating CNC machines should not be limited to highly skilled professionals alone. That’s why Charles has meticulously engineered our machines to be incredibly intuitive, to the point where even an apprentice teenager can confidently operate them with just two hours of training. Our emphasis on simplicity and efficiency ensures that our clients can maximize productivity and achieve outstanding results, regardless of their level of expertise.

While our machines come with budget-friendly pricing, we do not compromise on quality or performance. In fact, we design our CNC machines to rival those offered by renowned brands that charge upwards of £100,000. We believe that superior technology and exceptional craftsmanship should be accessible to all, without breaking the bank. By providing top-of-the-line machines at competitive prices, we have created a winning formula that resonates with our clients, making us the preferred choice in the market.

Young Company – Fresh, No Red Tape, Rapid Improvements, Personal Approach.

In just four years, we’ve delivered 300+ machines, earning a stellar reputation for excellence. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction has resulted in a 100% positive review rating, a testament to our quality and reliability. Choose Fabertec for a partnership focused on your success. Experience the exceptional value only we can provide.

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Our History

  • 20142014 – Our First Membrane Press

    As a joinery manufacturer we were looking for vacuum pressing solutions for our veneering needs. As we couldn’t find suitable machinery we began to manufacture membrane presses in Poland.
  • 20162016 – Growing Fast. First CNC Investment.

    We were looking for suitable cnc for our production. After extensive search we found Polish supplier who was much affordable than well known brands in UK. We later start to distribute them in UK.
  • 20182018 February – Fully Focusing on Machinery

    Founder Charles Slowikowski decided to fully focus on supplying to UK affordable membrane presses, edgebanders and cnc machines for woodworking and signage Clients.
  • 20182018 May – Polish CNC Supplier Crash

    Out of the sudden Polish supplier of CNC machines went into fully greedy mode and rise prices by 45% just for British Market. What seems like complete shock at the moment was a blessing in discuise. FABERTEC Brand was born.
  • 2018 – 20192018 – 2019 FABERTEC – Designing and Prototyping

    It took us almost 10 months, multiple visits to over 6 factories, designing/redesigning/fault proofing. After endless nights first order of 4 machines was placed.
  • 20192019 – We opened our “Humble” Showroom

    Starting with M1 and after few months ordering first 3 M2 machines we opened a humble showroom on farm. Thank you guys for placing your faith in us. James, Mark, Paul, Simon, Filip, Michael, Steve, Miki, Kevin…..Without you Fabertec wouldn’t exist. You materialise us.
  • 20202020 – Over 90 Machines Sold in Year ONE

    We took the market like a storm. Affordable prices, great quality, personal approach, sorting all challenges – Clients noticed us. End of 2020 – first employee was hired.
  • 20212021 – Fiber Laser Machines Launched

    After over 8 months research, multiple visits to factories before Covid and virtual during we launched our fist fibre laser machine FABERTEC FL2. Filling the gap for affordable fiber laser machines we invest every spare funds to grow family of fiber lasers in coming years.
  • 20222022 – Continuous growth

    2022 – We haven’t stopped for a day even during Covid times. This allows us to grow to new heights, improve our products, secure more markets. Moving to new 9000sqf modern premises in North Lincs. Hiring 3 new members of the team, improving systems.
  • 20232023 – Non stop improvements!

    Opening extra 4000sqf dedicated Fiber Laser Showroom. Launching New Fiber Laser model FL3 – Fully enclosed affordable laser. Extra team members. Now 7 team members serving Fabertec Clients even more efficient. Field engineers systems, New website, New CRM for Clients, Automating Operations.

    Due to our extensive experience in manufacturing, joinery, and the creation of furniture, our clients trusted us to provide them with their cutting knives, drill bits, and drills. We also added to our PARTICAL offer cnc spare parts (not only for our machines) due to high demand in the British market. www.partical.co.uk
Why Choose Fabertec?
Training and Support

All our machines are designed with simplicity in mind. That means training takes few hours and you have lifetime support.

Servicing and Repairs

Rest assured that if anything happens with your machine our skilled engineers are ready to help you in no time. Plus we stock all spare parts in our UK warehouse for quick repairs.

Competitive Pricing

We pride ourselves to being one of the most budget friendly cnc manufacturer. Still British design at it’s best without cutting any corners.

Fast Turnaround

We understand fabricators often need machines asap to fulfil large order last minute. That’s why we strive to stock 40-50 cnc machines available in approx a week time.

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