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Helping improve your profitability by providing cost effective CNC routers, Fiber lasers sheet and tube cutters and other machines to streamline your production.

Based in the UK and with a strong background in cabinetry manufacturing, construction and the joinery sector, ​we are not your typical CNC machine manufacturers who are only focused on sales. ​Our practical experience in fabrications allows us to accurately advise which machines you would need for your production, without spending fortunes on unnecessary options and extras. All our machines are comes fully assembled from our headquarters in Brigg UK.

Affordable machinery prices to get your workshop running smoothly.

Our main aim is to improve your profitability by providing cost effective machines and solutions. As specialists in CNC machines and vacuum presses, we’ll advise you on the best approach to solve challenges in your sector, always saving you time, money and what most important reduce stress.

Experienced and skilled UK based engineers

High quality CNC machines using reliable parts

UK based showroom for demonstrations with over 15 machines on display

Reliable and friendly aftersales support

Affordable models for all companies size

M2 2030 CNC Centre Router

Fabertec's M2 2030 CNC router, the UK's top choice, We have successfully delivered over 200 machines to satisfied clients to enhance their profitability.

If you are a professional furniture or interiors manufacturer you need a solution which will fully release your time to focus on what’s important instead of cutting on panel saw, then on edge borer, using handheld routers and other processes by hand.

With features like 12 automatic tool changer, powerful 9kW air cooled spindle, vacuum bed which holds all parts on table, intuitive controller which even 14yo apprentice can run after 30min training and many more you can be sure you wouldn’t need anything else in your panel cutting operations.

  • Available in three standard sizes: 1300 x 2500mm, 1500 x 3000mm and 2070 x 3080mm.
  • Full 24 months parts and labour warranty on site. Peace of mind is what we offer.
  • Delivery, installation, software and training all included in price (2030 models small surcharge to hiab lorry).

FL3 1325 Fiber Laser

Introducing the FL3 Fiber Laser, a precision-driven machine designed to boost productivity and simplify cutting processes. With options ranging from 1kw to 6kw laser power, it offers a perfect blend of advanced technology and user-friendly features, including a slideable table and a secure full enclosure for a clean and efficient workspace.

  • A fully enclosed CNC fiber laser machine will keep your workshop neat and dust-free.
  • Upgradeable up to 6kW - we know appetite grows and over time you want to cut quicker and thicker. We are ready for you.

M1 1325 ATC CNC Centre Router

The most affordable packed with every feature as a standard to make your life easier. Automatic tool changer with 8 tools available at any given moment will make your work a walk in the park. 

  •  The extra cost for ATC will be reimbused in just couple of months by saving 2-3h daily on operator time by running programs in full automatic mode without manually changing tools and measuring between each operation.
  • Powerful 9kw spindle - will plough 10m/min through 18mm plywood in one pass.

Thermoforming membrane press TVG300

The TVG 1500 vacuum membrane press is a game-changer for professionals in various industries, offering the ability to transform a wide range of solid materials with precision and efficiency. Its versatility and user-friendly design make it an ideal choice for creating intricate and high-quality designs.

  • Create sophisticated and out of this world shapes in Corian, Hi-Macs, Betacryl and from other acrylics and plastic sheets. Mostly your imagination will be your limiting factor.
  • A powerful 8kW solid aluminium oven will heat up thick sheets in a matter of minutes. Move them onto your forms and jigs and 10 minutes later your product will be formed and firm for processing.
  • Solid bathroom basins, elaborated reception desks, vanity units, 3D-formed wall panellings, worktop additions, and laminating panels - just a few of the products you can make on our presses.

FL2 1325 Fiber Laser

Our most affordable fiber laser cutting machine is within the reach of even small fabricators or businesses that want to move from plasma cutting tables to cleaner and more accurate solutions. Starting from £32k+vat with the capability to cut 6mm mild steel with perfect mirror edge finish you will not find a more budget-friendly fiber CNC machine anywhere in the UK with similar support, spare parts, and UK-based engineers which are just minutes or hours from you.

  • Rapid speeds of 60m/min will make your thin sheets cut a breath of fresh air.
  • Build with upgradability in mind want to upgrade later on for thicker sheets? Just replace the laser source - all rest like the controller and laser head already upgraded up to 6kW.
Need help choosing a machining centre?

They say picture says thousand words. Why not visit our VIDEO GALLERY and see what our machines are capable off and witness how they can speed up your production. Or simply refresh your training or remind yourself of cutting speeds/feedrates.

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Why Choose Fabertec?
Training and Support

All our machines are designed with simplicity in mind. That means training takes few hours and you have lifetime support.

Servicing and Repairs

Rest assured that if anything happens with your machine our skilled engineers are ready to help you in no time. Plus we stock all spare parts in our UK warehouse for quick repairs.

Competitive Pricing

We pride ourselves to being one of the most budget friendly cnc manufacturer. Still British design at it’s best without cutting any corners.

Fast Turnaround

We understand fabricators often need machines asap to fulfil large order last minute. That’s why we strive to stock 40-50 cnc machines available in approx a week time.

  • Simon Bingham Review For Fabertec M2 2030 CNC Router

    "Brilliant machine and the guys who installed it were ace!"

    Simon Bingham-Ward
    Delirament Commercial Maintenance Ltd
  • toby hope feedback to fabertec m2 2030 cnc machine

    "We purchased our M2 2030 CNC machine in September 2022 and can confidently say we would be lost without this piece of machinery. Very impressed with its capabilities & build quality so much so that we are looking at bringing on a second M2 model ( smaller 1325 ) towards end of 2023. Excellent service, thanks, Charles & Team."

    Toby Hope
  • "Bought a large 3 m x 1.5-meter flatbed laser from these guys. The service has been great from start to finish! Will definitely be back for a large CNC machine with tool changer."

    Jack England
  • case studies of fabertec group uk

    “We are a small but expanding engineering firm based in Hull. We have previously been using a 2500mm x 1250mm plasma cutter which got us by, all be it with a lot of stainless steel dressing. The natural progression was to move on to a laser which is a daunting and potentially very expensive business. We found Fabertec with a Google search and thought we would pop down to the showroom and see what they were offering. If you have any reservations they will soon disappear once you meet Charles and the team. The laser itself is brilliant. Very user-friendly to operate and maintain. I'm pretty sure anybody with even a small engineering background could be taught to operate it.

    Charles and his support engineers are always just a message away if there are any issues and if there ever is one it is sorted almost straight away.  With the laser market heavily dominated by the likes of Trumpf, Bisotronic, and Amada, companies feel like this is the only answer and they will have to be spending in the hundreds of thousands. Do not be surprised if Engineering firms of all sizes start using Fabertec. We ordered a fl2 2kw 30/15 laser and we have already put an order in to upgrade to a fl4 3kw 30/15, they are that good..”

    Luke Midgley
    BRK LTD Hull
  • fabertec l2 1325 installation

    We just want to say a big thank you to Fabertec Group UK once again for our brand new 10 x 5 bed 150w laser delivered today. As always fantastic service. We have been using Fabertec products for some years now and never had an issue. Thank you Charles and the team.

    My Sign Work
  • Interior Art Design Limited Feedback to Fabertec M2 2030 CNC Centre Router

    Fabertec M2 2030 CNC Centre Router.

    “Really happy with our machine. Just getting to grips with use. The guys are very supportive over the phone and have offered further training in their facility. I do think that better training on site is needed as it's a lot to take in within 2 hours for a new CNC user. But overall an excellent service and actually machine is not that difficult to use, now on to mastering the machine 😀”

    - Tom Ingleton
    Interior Art Design Limited

We Are Hiring

21 April 2023

CNC Engineer / Technician

Salary: £50k to £60k. Location: Brigg, Lincolnshire. We are hiring an experienced CNC engineer with a minimum of 6 years' practical experience in fault finding and repairs. Exciting opportunities for career growth await you.
21 April 2023

Engineering Workshop Operative

Salary: £22k - £28k. Location: Brigg, Lincolnshire. Seeking a Can-Do approach team member to enhance efficiency and contribute to a lean operation. Proactive problem solver preferred. Join our dynamic team and make an impact!
21 April 2023

Social Marketing Specialist

Salary: £25k to £35k. Location: Lincolnshire. We're actively seeking an experienced Social Media Professional to elevate our brands to new heights. Bring your creative expertise to our team and be part of our journey towards digital excellence!