Road Trippin Van Conversions

A few months back, we had the pleasure of working with a couple from Doncaster who are the proprietors of a company named Road Trippin. This dynamic duo, deeply passionate about travel, has journeyed extensively across the globe in their own van. Their company, based in Doncaster, specializes in motorhomes, campervans, and all necessary appliances for such adventures. They acquired our M0 1325 from us and have integrated it into their workspace for van conversions and other tasks. Currently, they're using our machine to cut all the essential materials for their projects. Recently, they shared production photos of a van where our machine was used in the cutting process. 

Fabertec is delighted and honored to witness the productivity achieved by Road Trippin with our machines. We extend our best wishes to them for their future projects and eagerly anticipate hearing more success stories from their endeavors.


KCP Furniture & Finishing

“This machine has the potential to allow us to design and manufacture components that can be “flat-packed”, enabling us to minimise the time spent on site in our clients’ homes.”

“Produce components for our furniture faster, in higher volumes and at a lower price point, thus increasing productivity by 10-12%.”

“We’ve been using the CNC machine on all our projects since we got it – it’s been brilliant.”

“The CNC machine has been amazing – completelychanging the way that we work.”

Kate Polak – FABERTEC M1 1325

John Morris Furniture

This is a cabinet on a narrow boat. Made almost entirely on the CNC, so very profitable. The material is light grey Valchromat with a solid oak top. The cabinet tapers from right to left and the back wall slopes also. Therefore, every single part is different from the others. This would have been time consuming to achieve. Everything was cut out on the CNC and location holes for Lamello P system Clamex joints drilled at the same time. Hinge holes and cable access holes were also cut along with recessed covers in Valchromat. Everything was thus able to be flat packed and carried piece by piece up a ladder, where the boat was in dry dock, and assembled on site. Absolute accuracy made this a simple job.

John Morris Furniture – Fabertec M1 1325

Steven Hampson Fine Furniture

Steven designed the cabinet in cherry to house a hi-fi system. The design included tambour doors and panels to hide the slats recessed into the top and bottom. The photos show the machining of grooves for the tambour slats, panels and back. The top and bottom are mirror images and were both done similarly, and the complex shape finally cut out. All in solid cherry.

Steven Hampson Fine Furniture

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