Fabertec M0 CNC Router an Affordable Excellence in CNC Machining

The Fabertec M0 CNC Router is an innovative and cost-effective machine that offers the same cutting ability as higher-end models such as the M1, making it an excellent choice for those seeking precision machining at a more affordable price. When it comes to machining materials like wood, chipboard, MDF, OSB, plastics, Plexiglas, PVC, HPL, composites (Corian, Hi-Macs, Betacryl, etc.), dibond, carbon, and alucobond, the Fabertec M0 CNC Router is machine to go for. It is specifically designed to handle these materials with utmost precision.

One of the key features of this state-of-the-art milling machine is its construction. Made of thick mild steel sections, it offers exceptional rigidity and resistance to vibrations and heavy usage during long shifts. This sturdy build ensures durability and longevity while also providing excellent resonance dampening. These qualities contribute to the machine’s stability and precision during operation.

Optimized Workflow with the Fabertec M0 CNC Router and CAD/CAM Integration

This user-friendly interface allows operators to easily navigate and control the machine, making the machining process more efficient and productive.

Operating in full 3D, the M0 CNC machining center can perform a wide range of machining tasks across three axes. This versatility enables various operations, including nesting, drilling, carving, and more. It empowers users to complete complex machining projects with precision and accuracy.

To further enhance the capabilities of the Fabertec M0 CNC Router, it comes with a modern CAD/CAM program. This software provides a comprehensive set of features, including autonesting, automatic correction of cutter diameter, slope entry into the material, defining bridges, automated cutting of internal shapes, visualization tools, 3D routing tool path generation, and many others. These functions streamline the workflow, optimize material usage, and simplify the machining process.

Tool for Every Sector

FABERTEC M0 is a perfect choice for individuals starting their journey with cnc cutting. Lots of our M0 users are Campervan Conversion specialists, signage makers, simple products like wall features or for example wooden dog feeders. Practicaly each sector can find a good purpose for M0 cnc cutting machine freeing their labour capability in the workshop to do what cnc simply cannot like assembling, glueing, designing, installing etc. All the cutting processes should be moved to cnc to use the biggest value which is your hands and skills to something more productive.

Affordable prices to allow you to speed up your workshop processes.

Fabertec M0 1310 1300 x 1000 £8,500 +VAT
Fabertec M0 1325 1300 x 2500 £11,900 +VAT
Fabertec M0 1530 1500 x 3000 £13,900 +VAT
Fabertec M0 2030 2000 x 3000 £15,900 +VAT


Options  details  price
 Vacuum Pump 11kW KVE360  Recommended for 1530/2030 and for cutting smaller elements  £3,500 +VAT


Lease Purchase

  M0 1310   £8,500  £191 £44  £6


All of our M0 models come with complimentary delivery on curtain side lorry, installation, and training performed by our team of UK-based engineers, right at the client's  location.

The client needs a forklift on site to unload and position in workshop.

  • M0  1325 - Min 2ton with 1600mm long forks. 
  • M0 1530 3ton with 1800mm forks.
  • M0 2030 3.5ton with 2200mm long forks.

After delivery our engineers will visit you in 2-3 days time (or later if workshop not ready) to commission the machine and provide you with relaxed and informative training focused on your industry. That means we will train you to design and cut your particular products so you can start from day one.


  • 12 Months on-site parts and labour warranty included
  • Option to extend to 2 years for £1,500 + VAT (M0 1325 model) and mandatory annual service inspection. 
  • Maintenance after 12 months required for a second-year warranty at £600 + travel time (£80/h).
  • 12 Months warranty for Vacuum Pump.

What Is Included In The Package.?

Fabertec delivers complimentary installation and training services across the UK, conducted by our experienced UK-based engineers. Also, our comprehensive package includes VCarve Pro, a vacuum pump, and a Festool toolbox with all necessary collets, chucks, tools and spares. Additionally, we offer an optional dust extractor for all the M0 models, ensuring you have everything you need for a seamless experience.

Some of the important features of the M0 CNC Centre Router

The vacuum bed is one of the most important feature of the cnc routers. By applying vacuum underneath the final material your board is held in place hence you don't have to use any clamps, screws or other means to keep it in place. Just press a button and you can process your material in no time knowing it will not move even a millimetre. The vacuum pumps supplied by us are always air cooled.​ The cheapest ones are water cooled and operator has to remember to keep the tank full, use antifreezers in winter, make sure no liquid is left in system during winter if antifreeze not used.
To keep the cost down and be able to offer entry level M0 cnc in such a affordable price we used strong stepper motors through the machine. Even if they don't allow the same speed like servo motors they still being widely used where affordability is paramount.
ALWAYS AIR COOLED (Except if very high kW used by Italian HSD) HQD PRODUCTS ARE BASED ON FAMOUS ITALIAN MANUFACTURER HSD One of the best spindles used around the world. Very efficient, quiet and what most important very affordable.
The lubrication oil for all guides/runners is located in automatic pump tank. After a set amount of minutes it will lubricate all guides and runners. By working with machines with manual lubrication we know it was a huge waste of time ​of the operator hence this option was added ​as standard.
Very intuitive, simple to learn controller. Literally 2 hours training and you can start nesting/drilling/engraving etc – easy as it goes. More physical buttons available than in G2 model which will allow you to quickly ​access operations. Same controller which we use on higher model M1.
To prevent any damage to machine by improper usage or mistakes in programming we set the maximum travel limit inside controller. This will stop any gantry motion if the set coordinates will be crossed hence minimising damage to machine.
Designed for 1700kg of dynamic load on gantry – the whole CNC weights 700kg so do not worry about any vibrations, movements or loss of squarness.
We designed our M0 to be as simple as possible. That means any repairs after years of usage are cost effective and parts doesn't cost a fortune. We saw many times affordable machines where the spindle cost 50% of the machine if you need to replace it after few years. This is not the case with FABERTEC.
For those operations where you need long tool for high elements. 300mm clearance will allow you to process even thick glulam beams, solid timber tables for planning purpose, assembled boxes etc. For continuous heavy duty timber processing we strongly advice to upgrade to M1 or M2 models.
After welding the whole structure, gantry is heat up in large industrial ovens to destress the whole bed/gantry after welding process. All fixing surfaces are milled by 100ton huge industrial CNC machines to make sure every fixing surface is perfectly aligned, square and true.

Technical Specification

  • Working Surface 1300mm x 2500mm
    (1300×1000, 1560×3080 and 2070×3080 available
  • Height of Z Axis - 300 mm - Process even high timber elements
  • Motors:  Stepper Motors 450B X, Y, Ballscrew Axis Z
  • Linear Bearings:  Trapezoidal Tracks, 20mm (designed for 1700 kg weight)
  • Speed: 20m/min
  • Software Resolution: 0,01mm
  • Positioning Accuracy: Physical 0,05mm
  • X Gate Double Motors: Yes
  •  AiSpindle: 6kW
  • Spindle RPMU: Up to 24000 RPM
  • Brushless Spindle Air Cooled: Yes
  • Spindle Tool Diameter: From 1mm to 21mm Collet ER32
  • Router Bed: Always as standard vacuum bed with T-Slots. Air-cooled vacuum pump included.
  • Weight: : 900 kg (M0 1325)
  • External Dimensions: 2200mm x 3200 mm x 2200mm high (M0 1325)
  • Power Supply: : 415 V 3 Phase 50Hz and single phase 230v
    (230v needs a new supply with TypeC40amp breaker)