Introducing our L2 CO2 Laser Cutter and Engraver, the ultimate solution for large-format projects.

With its impressive size of 1300×2500 or 1500×3000 (depending on your choice), this powerhouse machine combines precision and versatility on a grand scale. Whether you’re cutting intricate patterns or engraving intricate designs, the L2 delivers exceptional results with impeccable detail.

When you have large-format sheets of plexiglass, acrylics, fabrics, foam, or other materials that require laser engraving or cutting, our FABERTEC L2 Large Format Laser Cutters are the perfect investment. Designed to accommodate your needs, they are available in two standard sizes: 1300 x 2500mm and 1500 x 3000mm.

For larger-sized CO2 CNCs, it’s recommended to opt for higher output lasers, starting from 130 watts or even 150 watts. This is particularly important when considering continuous production processes throughout the day. By utilizing the lowest possible percentage of laser power, you can maximize the lifespan of the CO2 tubes.

Operating our Fabertec L1 and L2 CO2 lasers is a breeze.

With minimal training required, a typical operator can be up and running within just one hour after delivery and installation.

Once connected to a PC via USB, the software is ready for immediate use with the laser cutter. The key settings operators need to familiarize themselves with in laser cutting are the percentage power of the laser and the speed of the laser head above the material. Within just 30-60 minutes of testing specific materials and thicknesses, operators can achieve accurate cutting or engraving.

It’s important to note that FABERTEC CO2 Laser Cutters always come equipped with RECI CO2 tubes, a leader in CO2 laser tube technology. With a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours, our laser cutters ensure longevity and reliability for your operations.

Affordable prices to allow you to speed up your workshop processes.

L2 1325 150Watt RECI 1300 x 2500   £9,150+VAT 
L2 1530 150Watt RECI 1500 x 3000 £10,350 +VAT
L2 2030 150Watt RECI 2000 x 3000 £12,000+VAT
Options Price
Passive Carbon Filter 97% Filtration  £499


Lease Purchase

L2 1325 150WATT RECI £9,15000 £206 £48 £7





What All Included In The Package

Some of the important features of the

Fabertec L2 CO2 Laser Cutter and Engraver

Technical specification

  • Working Surface 1300mm x 2500mm, 1500mm x3000mm, 2000mm x 3000mm
  • Max Working Height: Axis Z 40 mm (laser nozzle adjustment
  • Motors: Stepper Motors X, Y
  • Linear Bearings: Trapezoidal Tracks, 20mm
  • Speed: Max recommended speed 400mm/s
  • Software Resolution: 0,01mm
  • Positioning Accuracy: Physical 0.05mm
  • Y Axis Double Motors: Yes
  • Weight: 800 kg
  • External Dimensions: 2100mm x 3350 mm
  • Power Supply: single phase 230v
  • 150watt reci tube
  • Chiller CW-5200 to cool laser tube included
  • Ruida Controller (Can also be controlled from software by usb cable or download files by wifi)
  • Laser power output display
  • 2x Fumes Extractors (Please be aware that this is open table so 20-30% fumes will travel upwards – ideally add canopy gatherer with extra extractor – not included)