Innovative Solutions for Automotive Interior Bonding

Introducing you to our innovative bladder press specifically designed for the automotive interiors sector. Building upon the success of our woodworking VPS3000, we have incorporated several intelligent enhancements to streamline the pressing process and significantly reduce the pressing time. The VPS3000AT stands out from traditional bladder presses due to its unique features tailored to the automotive industry’s requirements. One of the key improvements we made is the integration of Infra Red Heating technology within the press dome. This cutting-edge addition enables rapid curing of heat-activated adhesives beneath various materials such as leathers, vinyls, and other fabrics commonly used in automotive interiors.

By harnessing the power of Infra Red Heating, the VPS3000AT efficiently heats surfaces to approximately 100 degrees Celsius.

This temperature is optimal for activating adhesives and ensuring strong and reliable bonds. With this advanced heating mechanism, the curing process is accelerated, enabling faster production cycles without compromising the quality of the final product. Our goal with the VPS3000AT is to revolutionize the automotive interiors sector by providing a reliable, efficient, and time-saving solution for pressing heat-activated adhesives. With this innovative bladder press, manufacturers can increase their productivity, reduce production costs, and deliver superior quality products to their customers.

In summary, the VPS3000AT combines the proven performance of our woodworking VPS3000 with intelligent enhancements specifically designed for the automotive interiors sector. The incorporation of Infra Red Heating technology allows for rapid adhesive curing, significantly reducing pressing time. Experience the power of advanced engineering with the VPS3000AT and elevate your automotive interiors production to new heights.

  • Air circulation fans in the dome to prevent heat build up in any “dead space” and spread the heat evenly even if IR is heating surface of the membrane
  • Thermostat sensor is situated on the table as a long wire to allow to position it exactly on the mould giving operator accurate temperature reading. Also as an option extra sensors may be added to prepare 2/3/4 moulds in one cycle
  • As an option we are installing a timer connected to the thermostat. This allows to shut off the heating after a set number of minutes and prevent, for example ‘over burning’ of the adhesive or fabric – leather may dry to quickly creating unwanted stretch marks on the surface
  • The option of 2mm or 3mm membrane. 2mm is much better for detailed moldings if there is a need for plenty of detail

Affordable prices to allow you to speed up your workshop processes.

product  bed size  price
Vacuum Press VP1500AT  Bed size 1350x1150mm £7,000
 Vacuum Press VP3000AT  Bed size 2850x1150mm £9,800
  Vacuum Press VP3100AT  Bed size 2850x1300mm £10,600
 Vacuum Press VPS1500  Bed size 1350x950mm £5,500
 Vacuum Press VPS2000  Bed size 1850x1150mm  £7,000
 Vacuum Press VPS3000  Bed size 2850x1150mm  £8,600


 product option  price
LED Lamp in dome £200
Spare set of 12NO IR Bulbs £720
Temperature controller REX for IR £120
Countdown timer ESCO £85
Vacuum Pump Becker VT 4.255 £1,650
Vanes for vacuum pump set £360
Dome fan £85
Thermostat sensor wire £120
Strut hinges 4NO £220
Becker pump air filter £150
Heating connected to timer to shut down after required curing time £150
3mm Silicone membrane surcharge standard installed 2mm thick £640
2mm replacement silicone membrane per M2 solid in 1300 and 1500mm widths £265


Lease Purchase

model total price monthly weekly daily
Vacuum Press VP1500AT £7,000 £158 £36 £5




What All Included In The Package

Technical Specification 

  • Working table dimensions (Model VPS3000AT): 2850 x 1150mm or 2850 x 1350mm (VPS3100AT)
  • Silicone membrane 800% max temperature: 220
  • Heater power: 5 kW
  • Vacuum pump pressure:  -0,75bar
  • Vacuum pump output: 25 m3/h
  • Operating vacuum: -0,85_0,90 kg/cm2 (bar)
  • Protection code: IP53
  • Noise level: < 70 Db
  • Voltage: 3Phase 400 50Hz
  • External dimension length: 3150mm
  • External dimension width: 1350mm/1500mm
  • External dimension height: 1600mm
  • External dimension weight: 550 kg